Your Experience Matters at Maita Subaru

At Maita Subaru We believe that it's essential for our customers to be able to voice their experience with us. Whether your experience didn't meet your expectations or surpassed it, we want to know about it. We always aim for our customer to have a great visit to our location, and your feedback is invaluable for us to improve on areas that are lacking and continue to encourage aspects that are strong.

What is it that you look for in for servicing and purchasing experience? Is it an attentive, patient sales consultant, a knowledgeable finance expert, or a quick, detail-oriented technician?

We have carefully selected our team to include these types of people on our team of automotive professionals, and it's important that you see what we see in our team: that is, a group of dedicated individuals that are committed to going the extra mile to provide a positive and memorable experience for our customers.

If for whatever reason you didn't see that, we are not here to make excuses or ignore your feedback. Instead, we want to make it right. We know that the most important thing is our customer's lasting experience and not deflecting in order to not face the reality of your time with us.

When you leave a review for us, we carefully consider how we can take steps to meet our goal of providing exceptional customer service. Whether the review is positive, negative, or a mixture of both, we follow up with everyone involved in your visit to ensure that we are working towards an entirely positive experience for you and every customer.

It's our hope that you not only step out of our Sacramento Subaru dealership with everything that you hoped for but also that you will look forward to visiting us in the future. Please tell us about your experience, here on our review page or in person, and we will take everything you say into careful consideration. Visit our new & used car dealership located near  Roseville, West Sacramento, Rancho Cordova, Davis, and Carmichael today!