See If Your Subaru is Due for Service in Five Simple Steps

Are you a Subaru owner in the greater Sacramento area who isn't sure when the next service check-in for your vehicle is? Have no fear, our team at Maita Subaru is happy to provide an easy-to-use tool for determining if you need to come into our service center for a visit. The easiest way to find out is to submit your vehicle's identification number (VIM) in order to look directly at its history and figure out at what mileage your next appointment will be at. If you don't have this handy, no need to worry; you can simply selecting the vehicle you have, its model year, your chosen trim level and the total number of miles on it. From there, will be able to give you an estimate on what service needs to be completed, whether that's an oil change or a complete inspection.

If your Subaru is in need of a service appointment, don't continue to delay. Check here to see how pressing of a need it is to get you and your vehicle in, and then pay our staff members a visit to have it taken care of. You'll find us and our exceptional crew of mechanics at 2400 Auburn Blvd today, conveniently located for drivers from across California.